So what's with the of name of this blog?

This blog will usually focus on technology, security, VoIP, some amount call center topics and the the occasional post about a side project I've adopted or a cool new app I've found.  Many of the posts will be simple tutorials that  I really want to share as I've had to spend time in researching a fix so I can hopefully save you a few minutes and a lot of grief by hopefully steering you in the right direction.

I hope to keep these posts informative and useful to a wide audience, but not always overly technical.  Some blog posts will get very technical and I wish to make these posts still relevant to my readers as I want to impart the 'why' of the story behind the post not just the 'how'.

Knowing how to do something is vastly different from knowing why your doing something.  I've learned a lot of the 'why' from colleagues, clients and the best (and most brutal) teacher of all, real life.  If I am able to share some of this with my readers, I think I've done well with this blog.

So what's with the name, Backwoods Sysadmin?

The name of this blog is tongue in cheek humor, I live in New Brunswick, Canada and by comparison, it's very much still a rural area of North America when compared to metropolis's such as Vancouver or New York. 

I have a Bachelors degree in Computer Science from UNB and my career path has been interesting.  For the last decade I've been at a software company where I have the chance to get my hands dirty with many different projects and aspects of the business.

One large role that I play is being part of an amazing team of talent that keeps our clients call center infrastructure running smoothly. I have had  the privilege of learning the industry while helping my clients optimize their work flows and marketing tactics.

If there is something that you'd like me to write about or if you to chat about something, please send me an email or message on Google Plus.

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