Tuesday, April 26, 2016

City of Fredericton Eliminates a Large Portion of it's Monthly Parking Spots for the Summer of 2016

I sent this email to all the current City Council and the candidates in this upcoming election. At the time of posting this, I've had some feed back from some of the candidates.

To the current City of Fredericton Council and the Candidates in this upcoming election,

As of May 1st many office workers in the downtown area will not have any parking until further notice as both the Upper Queen Lot and the Frederick Sq. Parking Garage are closing to the general public. The government parking permit holders have been given priority and those of us that work, eat and shop downtown are penalized.  
These actions hurt  businesses and will impact the decisions of any business looking to operate in the downtown area.  The small businesses that we frequent on a nearly daily basis will see reduced foot traffic and reduced revenues.  
I work at a company that has an office downtown and about half of our team relies on these two parking locations.   Hourly parking is a expensive option suggested by the City's Parking Services Division. It's truly not an option unless we can park at those locations for an equivalent price and for the entire day.  As it currently stands, there is a two hour maximum to the hourly parking and it would cost at least $190 per month if we followed the suggested alternative option.  This of course, assumes that there is enough unoccupied parking spaces in the downtown core.
I wish that this decision would have been communicated earlier and with real alternatives so that the alternative solutions could have been explored.  For something that must have been decided months in advance, the City of Fredericton has given only 3 business days' notice -- this really shows the amount of disregard the City must have for the non government users of those two parking facilities and businesses in the downtown core.
Our offices' lease is currently up for renewal in the next year --  this action and the periodical closures of the Upper Queen Lot will be heavily influencing our decision to stay within Fredericton city limits.
Attached is the copy of the notice found on our vehicles today.

Justin Traer 
General Manager,
Indosoft, Inc

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